Born in O Porriño, Pontevedra, Spain and began to play guitar at the age of ten with his brothers.

He studied music theory and violin at Vigo Conservatorium of Music. During this time began also playing as first bassist and violinist in NA LÚA group. He stayed for fifteen years with the band.

After fifteen years, playing NA LÚA Pancho developed great activity as arranger and composer associate to Galician traditional music. He made his first tours of the Iberian Peninsula, South America, Europe, etc.

They produced six albums:

  • NA LÚA – 1985
  • A ESTRELA DE MAIO – 1987
  • ONDAS DO MAR DE VIGO – 1989 (Prize of the critics of Galicia).
  • PELIQUEIRO – 1994
  • OS TEMPOS SON CHEGADOS – 1997 (guest appearance).

He has collaborated on numerous albums by other artists as guest, producer and arranger.  In the early 1990’s Pancho was part of MATTO CONGRIO band, performing, making concerts and the also the production of the album with the same title.

At this time he also was part of the group TRES, which recorded the album Paraíso de Leonor. From 1995, he began his career alongside CARLOS NÚÑEZ to perform concerts in America, Europe, Asia and Australia, acting in the most emblematic stages of the world such as New York’s Carnegie Hall, Sydney Opera House, and so on…

Pancho has participated in the following albums of Carlos Núñez:

  • AMORES LIBRES – 1999
  • MAIO LONGO – 2000
  • CARLOS NÚÑEZ Y AMIGOS (DVD en vivo) – 2004
  • CINEMA DO MAR – 2006

He also recorded for the soundtrack of ALEJANDRO AMENÁBAR’s film “Mar Adentro” (The Sea Inside).  This film received, among other awards: “Goya Spanish Award for the best soundtrack” and “Oscar Academy Award for best foreign language film”.

He made appearances in the most significant TV programs and in many countries, participating in various radio programs. He has been part of the show of THE CHIEFTAINS from 1997 to 2005 making more than 100 concerts across North America, Europe and Japan.

Pancho recorded in the albums of this Irish group:

SANTIAGO-(1996) Awarded with a Grammy Award. Also has performed in the album LIVE FROM Dublin: A TRIBUTE TO DEREK BELL-(2004) a tribute after the death of this member of the band and in the álbum VOICE OF THE AGES (2011).

As solo artist and musician has recorded four albums:

  • “FLORENCIO, O CEGO DOS VILARES-(1998) (Best European Folk Album FOLK WORLD Magazine prize).
  • NAS CORDAS – 2001

And also has participated in collective recordings as CANTIGAS DE NADAL (1998, Fol Music) and Marea de Música (2004)

Pancho Alvarez has developed his particular profile as a musician always focused and inspired by the Galician traditional music, especially using string instruments: violin, viola, viola da gamba, hurdy-gurdy, mandolin, bouzouki, electric and acoustic guitars, guitar, tenor, ûd, Venezuelan cuatro or bass. He also plays the concertina, accordion and percussion.

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